There are a correct amount of knives for 'Flash', specially the 'Flash' and "Flash II" sizes, with deviations. Knives come in 'simple' and 'Medio-Serrada' along with satin or black TiNi coated. The handles will come in black 'Zytel' / Digital Camo 'Zytel' glass. The Ali ' i-Flash requires a two.five difficult disk "is. 09" Dick. The knife measures 3.25 "closed and five.75" open, two oz fat. The Flash II includes a three.5 ",. 125 "heavy sheet. The knife is closed by them measures 4.5 "and eight" open, fat 4.5 ounces. All in all Flash knives are light in weight, ergonomic function horses with good features at respectable prices.